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In public and private sanitary facilities, hand dryers and other fittings are increasingly becoming contactless – mostly due to reasons of hygiene. Even toilet paper dispensers are occasionally provided with this option. Due to the lack of suitable technology, contactless dispensers with automatic roll separation and integrated paper folding technology have never been deployed before.

An innovative folding technology originally developed for office equipment now provides the optimum solution:

Fully automatic toilet paper dispenser dispense your toilet paper

unrolled, separated and folded.

SNICA introduces a new standard for toilets. Paper dispensers by SNICA offer the best possible protection against pathogenic organisms, vastly enhance comfort, make using them easier for people with disabilities and reduce paper consumption.

The SNICA technology is produced as a universally-applicable folding module. Extremely small, robust and economically efficient, also suitable for mini-jumbo and jumbo rolls and for all commercially available small rolls with varying sheet dimensions. The advantages of the new technology should be made in both the public and private arenas. The module is operated using a power supply with 12 VDC or a replaceable battery.


What are the benefits of a toilet paper dispenser fitted with SNICA technology.


Barrier-free and extremely convenient

  • Simply activate the paper dispenser without touching it – it’s as easy as that! The toilet paper is automatically unrolled, separated, folded into three layers and pushed out of the dispenser ready to be taken.
  • Ergonomic – the paper can be taken effortlessly by hand. No more tearing sheets from the roll, no tedious “fishing out” of individual sheets from a dispenser.
  • Serious relief for people with restricted mobility.


  • Best possible protection against viruses and bacteria –  paper leaves the dispenser already separated and folded. Direct paper contact is not possible before. No scraps of paper are left outside the housing.

Environmentally compatible and economically efficient

  • Mechanical, paper-saving deployment – no uncontrolled unrolling – paper is only re-deployed again after removal of the folded toilet paper and after renewed actuation of the paper dispenser.
  • Longer refill intervals – the interchangeable dispenser system automatically activates the next roll as soon as the current one is empty. The dispenser can be refilled at any time without any effort.
  • A “hygiene-related reserve” is often cut off before the actual portion is removed. Neither this additional paper consumption nor the safety reserve involving an early roll change are required with this automatic dispensing system.
  • A local and/or central paper level indicator adds to the further simplification of the refill schedule.
  • Liquid wood as base material: this technology has been tested and prepared for the extensive use of wood-plastic based on lignin.



Porträt_2SNICA is an innovation originating from everyday office life. Karl L. Zechner, who had attended a training course for programmers already back in the early seventies, found the manual folding of mailings and of letters in his business establishment – Austria’s first eco-certified guest house – extremely time-consuming. Consequently, he began to conduct extensive research on the subject of mail processing, obtaining excellent know-how with regard to the industry and the market, and finally managed to develop the SNICA folding technology.

Gold medal – A company was established to exploit his invention. The first folding device reached marketability in 2011 and won a gold medal at iENA, an internationally leading trade fair for marketing of new product ideas. 800 inventions and new products to a specialist audience from over 40 countries. The award-winning SNICA SF10.5 model could not fail to impress the jury on account of its zigzag folding technology in the smallest of places, its minimum space requirements and accurate folding results.

Paperhandling– The establishment of a global sales network and the implementation of the enormous potential, only recognised in the course of the development, required operational and financial resources that exceeded the company’s means despite high investments made, which resulted in the company’s insolvency in 2012. Thanks to a low-cost folding & enveloping device recently developed by Karl L. Zechner, further appeal is added to paper folding technology.


Team_4x3.kleinIn addition to the office sphere, an advanced technology for folding very thin and/or soft paper material was developed by Karl L. Zechner. The system was specifically designed as a universal folding module for toilet paper dispensers.
The first stage of implementation is effected by a seed team of SNICA GmbH.