Our sanitation system is often described as one of the greatest medical achievements for health. The life expectancy of Europeans has increased by 35 years over the last 150 years. About 30 of them because we are able to use a clean toilet.

With water flushing came a new form of spreading pathogens: depending on the form of flushing, enormous quantities of viruses and bacteria – including pathogens – can be flung through the air in aerosols during the individual flushing processes. First and foremost, they land on the toilet seat. Approximately five times more of them accumulate on the toilet paper dispenser.

In the public and private sanitary sector, fittings or hand dryers increasingly come into operation contact-free for hygienic reasons. The higher standards for toilet hygiene, environment and accessibility also affect toilet paper dispensers and roll holders. However, due to a lack of suitable technologies, these do not meet modern requirements.

The SNICA Toilet paper dispenser

“We at SNICA have made it our mission to develop a barrier-free toilet paper dispenser that can be used intuitively and easily by all people and that ensures the highest level of hygiene”.

Karl Zechner – Inventor

After several years of development work, we are especially pleased to present our solution to you. The SNICA toilet paper dispenser offers a unique comfort with the integrated paper folding technology and the automatic sheet separation. It provides the best possible protection against pathogens and reduces paper consumption.

Barrier-free and most comfortable

  • Simply activate the dispenser without touching it – done! No more tearing off the roll, no more tedious “fishing” of individual sheets out of the dispenser, no dislocations, no folding or crumpling. The toilet paper is provided folded in three layers and can be removed ready for use with one hand.
  • A serious relief also for older or physically handicapped people.

Optimal hygiene

  • Best possible protection against viruses and bacteria – the toilet paper is already folded and removed from the dispenser.
  • No more manual separation from the toilet paper roll and no more holding the roll back during separation. No more paper that could be touched before.
  • No paper flags hanging freely or unprotected from the dispenser.

Paper-saving and economical

  • Controlled, paper-saving dispensing. Once the folded toilet paper has been removed, the dispenser only provides paper again by reactivating it.
  • Longer refill intervals – the exchange system automatically activates the next roll as soon as one is empty. The machine can be conveniently refilled at any time.
  • The hygienic paper section and the safety reserve with its early toilet roll change are no longer necessary.
  • A local and/or central paper level display further simplifies the refilling rhythm.

The Team

Peter Zawilinski

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Zawilinski


Karl Zechner

Senior Manager

Roland Zechner M.Sc.

Roland Zechner, M.Sc.

Technical Staff

Eva Klauser, M.Sc.

Marketing Manager

The Story

“We have a unique know-how in the field of space-saving folding technologies that has been built up over decades.”

Karl Zechner – Senior Manager



In addition to the office area, Karl L. Zechner developed a technology for folding very thin and/or soft paper material as a diversification. The system was specially designed as a universal folding module for toilet paper dispensers.

Seed Team

In the first phase, the execution is carried out by a seed team of SNICA GmbH.

Focus: Barrier-free

The focus is placed on accessibility as part of an inclusive design.

Toilet hygiene

Covid-19 is a major challenge for toilet hygiene. Toilet paper dispensers with SNICA technology bring optimal protection.